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My name is Salman Raza, I am an Indian designer with experience in Web Designing, Graphics, UX/UI, Front-end Designing. Nowadays, my work is focused on digital design.

I have nearly 6 years of experience of working in different profiles including Web/Graphics/Print designing. During 6 years, I have worked with companies like Nishkrant Media Pvt. Ltd., Quarter Pie Interactive Pvt. Ltd, Axis Softech Pvt. Ltd., Indic Softech Pvt. Ltd. and Transformative Learnins Solutions, also companies of estate sales, energy solutions.
I have always been studying new techniques to improve my knowledge, face new challenges and do my best in every creation.

I am a very keen learner and have a very adaptable and easy-going nature. With each job that I have pursued so far, I have always learned something new and my personality as a Graphic/Web Designer and as a person has only evolved with time.
I always endeavor to not just put my skills and knowledge to the best possible use but also get to work with individuals from different backgrounds and upgrade my skills further. I take pride in multi-tasking, remaining calm and composed even in a chaotic environment and delivering quality work while adhering to strict deadlines.

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